Your Own Photo on Social Networks Profiles

I think more than 90% of internet users are members on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. If we will count flickr as a social photographers network.
But all choices go for Facebook and Twitter as they are the most famous and the most inmportant companies has accounts and pages there.

I want to ask a question and let’s see every answer we will collect here. This question is:
What is your feeling when somebody without photo/avatar send you friendship request?

I think all answers go for you are annoyed and want to make sure who is this person. If he has a photo is his profile it will be easily for you to know who is this person but if he didn’t have a photo it’s hard for you to know who is he.

Some famous webmasters are not sure if they add their own photo or their website logo. And i will tell every webmaster and social network user the best quality of photo you can add to your social profile.

What is the social profile?

I mean by the word social profile your every social account.

What is the best photo the webmaster should add to his profile?

1- iF you have a large blog, website or community i prefer you make a facebook page for your website so all your visitors can catch your feeds.
2- Adding your photo to your facebook page will not give visitors more attention to your profile or page.
3- I prefer adding your own photo with your face if your website logo with your photo like the most famous blogger
4- Flickr accounts of Famous webmatsers should put their own logo so they will be different and will take more attention.

What about regular social networks users?
1- Blank avatars suck!
2- Write your full name and people prefer adding their own nickname next to name.
3- Adding photo with your face is always better. Some people add photos when they are on the beach and it hard to know if the person a man or woman!
4- Adding a photo for you and your all close friends are always a bad idea. How can the person know you if you are between 4 or 5 friends and may be more!

May some of my readers and visitors say this post is a funny post but i wrote it because i know the importance of social profile for every one and these silly friend requests always put me in a bad mood!

By the way this is my photo 😀

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