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Artificial Grass – Your Alternative Natural Grass

Hello my dear readers

It’s along time to be here again and write to you. I was really busy but i will try to be on blog as I can to be contacted with my lovely readers.

I always try to write about Web Solution and Social Network but this time i got something different to you.

You know I am an agricultural engineer and yesterday i was in a hard dialogue with a friend of mine about comparing between natural grass and artificial grass.

We talked a lot and every one was trying to induce the other one but as usual i won because i got some useful websites which proved my words.

First of all you should know why some people prefer buying artificial grass instead of planting real one:

1- Natural grass need to be cut especially in hot months as it grew up faster. Artificial grass is better in this matter as you will never need to cut it or pep up.

2- Natural grass needs a water network which will cost you more money to create it and will have maintain your water network every 6-9 months at least but you will not need to do if you bought artificial grass gilbert az.

3- Natural grass needs a source of water but artificial don’t.

4- Natural grass need a Gardner but artificial don’t.

5- Artificial grass is always bright.

6- No chemicals or fertilizing in artificial grass.

7- I can put artificial grass in small areas. but it will be hard to do with the real grass.

8- Most of users of artificial grass recommended it strongly.

You can notice why i prefer buying artificial grass instead of plating real one. So why not you remove the real grass which costing you a lot of cash and doesn’t give you the bright view you dream to have?

It’s no more a hard decision and you make your coming party in your home garden with no worry again. To be honest with you i searched Google and Facebook to know what people say about their experience with using the artificial grass and i got results from happy people.

Most of them was very happy and to make sure search for artificial grass on Flickr to get a good search results for the green and bright turf.

Finally i want to tell you that i took my decision to remove my real grass in my garden and replace it with an artificial grass. I will save a lot of money and will get better view for my garden.

For sure i will post a before and after topic here on my blog so keep your eyes on my (Personal) category on this blog.

Finally if you have an experience with artificial grass leave a comment here.

Free Computer and Internet Web Directory No Reciprocal Required

dirI was thinking about making some free services on my blog for my readers like free domains and free web hosting and i am here now to present to you my first free service. is a new free computer and internet web directory. No reciprocal required free web directory. There are 40 created categories created by me so you don’t need to suggest a category. Just find the category matches you site and submit your site.

Importance of Alexa Rank


You will know about Alexa rank if you are a webmaster, blogger or web surfer. is a service from Amazon company.

Amazon has web services like the famous movie database which called The Internet Movie Database aka and their services are trusted by internet users.

Rockmelt Borwse For Socializing

rockmeltI never thought that I can use any other web browser. I am using Mozilla Firefox since 2007 and I am really happy with Mozilla pluings. But I was on downloading a file and I noticed an ad of a browser called Rockmelt.

Your Own Photo on Social Networks Profiles

I think more than 90% of internet users are members on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. If we will count flickr as a social photographers network.
But all choices go for Facebook and Twitter as they are the most famous and the most inmportant companies has accounts and pages there.