Blogcatalog Account Deactivation

blogcatalog2I wrote a post a week ago about The bloggers Community and I told you all why to join BlogCatalog but I was shocked when I logged in my account and I got a message that my account is deactivated contact support for reactivation.

I contacted support to know why I was deactivated but i didn’t receive a reply from support and I found a lot of similar topics opened and waiting for reply from support so I contacted Tony the owner of the website at Twitter and I got a faster reply. may be after 10 minutes I got my account activated again!

So if you faced this problem just contact @blogcatalog on Twitter.

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3 Responses to Blogcatalog Account Deactivation

  1. My dad recently got his yahoo account deactivated for absolutely no reason, he had been using it consistently, I cant find andy onctact info on the yahoo page to get an explanation. Can someone help me with that?

  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Haitham,

    Wow! You got lucky! Me and a few other bloggers wasn’t so lucky. I and few other bloggers did a post about this issue:

    BC just isn’t a fun place anymore. TonyB took the fun out of it. If he shows up on your wall you may have a problem.

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